» » Random Sole Encounters - Goth Coed’s Reluctant Tickling Session

Random Sole Encounters - Goth Coed’s Reluctant Tickling Session

Random Sole Encounters - Goth Coed’s Reluctant Tickling Session

NEW SERIES! I'm going to try the impossible, approaching random women and tickling their feet. I've tried this a few times in the past with not much success but I've refined my approach since then so we will see how it goes! This could be a great new series or one that fades away quickly, stay tuned!

I met Tara on campus, she is an 18-year-old freshman with size 7 feet. Tara is dressed in black from head to toe, she isn't exactly goth but close enough, more of the dark college, loner, artsy type.

I approached Tara as she was walking on campus and asked if she would model for me, I decided to not mention tickling right away. We found a bench and I took a few normal photos of her before asking if she would model barefoot for me.

"Feet? I hate feet." she said.

I told her I don't and it would be a big help if it wasn't too much trouble. She told me her polish was old and chipped and I let her know it didn't matter to me.

Tara reluctantly pulls off her black boots showing off a pair of white socks. At this point, she hasn't smiled at all while posing. So I try to crack a few jokes and finally get a smile out of her. From what I could see of her face (she keeps her sunglasses on) Tara appears to be very pretty!

I get to take her socks off and get a glimpse of very cute, soft, pale feet. It's clear these feet don't see the sun very often.

I then ask if she is ticklish. Tara tells me she doesn't know if she's ticklish but I can try if I want – She says this with zero enthusiasm! Not the most willing model but that makes it more fun!

I tickle Tara's feet and you can see from her reaction that she is ticklish but she does not want to laugh, she even admits to me that she's fighting it. Towards the end of the clip I'm able to get some laughing out of her.

This is a real reaction from a complete random model! And I think that's what makes the clip so great. Tara doesn't go crazy or laugh out loud, she is reluctant and embarrassed by being tickled by a stranger and it shows

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