» » Feet Fighters - Hope Harper’s Extreme Foot Gag

Feet Fighters - Hope Harper’s Extreme Foot Gag

Feet Fighters - Hope Harper’s Extreme Foot Gag

A fan on a leading wrestling board complains in a post that “no one in America takes a real foot gag.” Fatass Rob, being a fool n realizing it’s a valid point, takes the challenge. He hates foot gagging, but he knows he can turn off his dingbat brain as it happens n swallow a foot almost whole. Here, he does – shocking and arousing the beautiful star Hope Harper as he kneels before her and she deep-throat foot gags him in nearly into the cold earth. “Oh, Look at his fucking eyes roll!” she says, unable to contain her pleasure from his pain. Her calves flex as she, hard and without mercy, foot fucks his throat. “Take it!” she orders him. Fatass Rob obeys hot girls’ orders – always. She wraps 1 leg behind his neck and shoves her foot so far into his mouth that the heel is at times barley visible. “Oh My God!” she says as he leans in to take more of it. At one point even she tells the extremist fuck “Easy” as he is blue, his eyes are back in his head and it seems his end is near. He gags. “That’s so awesome,” the sexual, beautiful blonde Hope says, pulling back on her hair and biting her lip. He gags more and saliva spills. He tells her he’s sorry. Her response is so Hope. “Don’t say sorry to me; I am the one having fun here.” She grabs his hair and forces her foot in his throat, forcing “gurgle, gurgle” sounds that turn her on more n more. “Fuck yes!” the incredible girl screams. She bites her knee in pleasure as he loudly gags – her mouth open in part amazement and part pleasure in one of the most extreme foot gags anywhere with all the right components: a girl who loves it and is awesome at it, and a guy who hates it and is awesome at it. No pleasure for victims here. Fuck guys. Girls rule!

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