» » Czech Soles - Forced to smell her sexy socks and feet

Czech Soles - Forced to smell her sexy socks and feet

Czech Soles - Forced to smell her sexy socks and feet

Charlie had too many drinks last nigh and now it's some time around lunch and he is still sleeping on the sofa like a baby. His friend Sofia has other plans for him. She woke up early, went to the gym and now she want's to have some fun with Charlie. Her feet are sweaty and smelly and her socks too. She didn't have the chance to shower and change yet. Than it comes to her that she could wake Charlie like this - with the smell of her socks and feet. So she puts her foot in Charlie's face and in few seconds he wakes up wondering what is the strong smell. When he opens his eyes he sees these sexy feet but so so smelly right now. He just wants to sleep but Sofia is relentless and she just won't let him sleep. He has to either massage her feet of to smell them. Charlie fights for a while but he's to tired to resist so he chooses the foot massage. But that's not enough for Sofia anymore, she wants to have fun and making Charlie smell her feet is a lot of fun. So she forces him to smell her feet and socks over and over and over and Charlie don't fights it anymore. He rather smells her feet and socks, kisses them, and does what Sofia wants, hoping she will let him go to sleep again.

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