» » Czech Soles - Under the evil spell of foot dominating witch

Czech Soles - Under the evil spell of foot dominating witch

Czech Soles - Under the evil spell of foot dominating witch

It's Halloween and and pretty girls goes from door to door and get sweets and other stuff all evening long. Charlie is living in Prague and he's not too much into this kind of stuff. Suddenly someone knocks on his door, he opens it and there a pretty girl in witch costume wanting sweets, her name is Daniela. But's it's not a regular caroller, this one nows some tricks other's can only dream of. But Charlie don't know that, she's just a normal girl to him. He invites her in and looks for some sweets to give her, since he's not prepared for this it takes him some effort but finally he finds some chocolate bar and gives it to Daniela hoping he did his role and she'll leave now. But Daniela get angry because one bar is not gonna cut it. She wants more! But Charlie don't have any more sweets to give her and when he tells Daniela, she takes out her wand and puts an evil spell on Charlie making him obedient to her will. Now he's under Daniela's spell laying on the ground as she ordered him and she's now thinking how to punish this mortal man for his greediness. Aaa, she's got it! She has been on her feet and in these boots all day long and she's barefoot! It's time her smelly and sweaty feet serve to some purpose - this will be Charlie's punishment. He'll have to smell and worship her feet and boots. He'll have to smell them, sniff them, lick them and kiss and massage her tired feet. That will teach him not to be greedy next time. Daniela waves her wand and speaks another spell and Charlie is suddenly at her feet smelling her boots and feet, helpless, enchanted and obedient. Daniela is just laughing and having fun with her foot slave. Her foot domination of him has just begun, he will suffer now!

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