Humiliation POV - Goddess Paige - Mindless Foot Zombie Trance For Helpless Foot Junkie Addicts

Humiliation POV - Goddess Paige - Mindless Foot Zombie Trance For Helpless Foot Junkie Addicts

Look at u pet, I can see you staring, it is ok, u can stare. In fact, I want u to. The more you stare at my gorgeous feet, the more relaxed you get. Every muscle in your body relaxes, everything feels so good, so delicious, so perfect. You are going to find yourself falling deep into the inner workings of your mind. You’re going 2 be entering a blissful, erotic state where all the u can focus on, are my feet.Read less

You are nothing but my foot junkie addict. My perfect feet make u mindless. They are the most perfect feet you have ever seen, filling you with desire, with an unquenchable thirst. You are in love with my pretty princess feet. You’re helpless. You’re out of control. You’ve never seen anything so exquisite as my beautiful feet. You r mesmerized by them. Stare at my perfect wrinkled soles, my dainty little toes, how they curl & point.

The sight of them makes your cock grow hard. Your mind is weak, you are overwhelmed with desire as your cock gets harder and harder. You’d do anything for my pretty feet. You’d do anything to please my perfect princess feet. You are becoming a mindless zombie for my feet, existing only 2 worship me. You wish you could smell them, wish you could taste them. My soft arches, my delicate ankles are making your head spin. The thought of my feet consumes you. It is all you can think about, and you’ll do anything I ask, just 4 my perfect feet.

You love my feet. You love and adore me. You r mine now, my addict, my foot slave zombie. My feet will destroy you. You can no longer think about anything but by my feet. Thoughts of my feet consume u. You r my foot addict zombie boy, and only through worshiping my feet will u ever find happiness.

The audio for this clip includes subliminal whisper triggers that are delicately planted in your brain.

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